Background of the Firm

RMC Resources Management Consultants Ltd. was founded in 1967 and provides consulting services to its clients from offices offices in Toronto and Edmonton.

Since its inception, the firm has operated as a clinic of independent consultants who work for clients through RMC. Owners and managers of RMC carry the designation of Principals; other full-time professionals are referred to as Associates. The Principals and Associates of the firm have all had extensive experience in both consulting and management positions. We have also established affiliations with a number of Consulting Associates, representing a variety of management disciplines both in Canada and abroad.

Nature of Our Work

The nature of our experience in the public and private sectors can be divided into six broad categories:

  1. Health, Social Services & Education
  2. Facility Planning
  3. Equipment Planning & Commissioning
  4. Corporate Planning & Organization Development
  5. Management Information Systems
  6. Human Resources Development

While in principle our approach to management consulting is quite similar to that generally practiced by the profession, we believe that the emphasis placed by our firm on certain aspects of the role of the consultants has resulted in a high level of client satisfaction with our services. Recommended courses of action must not only be sound in terms of general principles, but they must also be practical in terms of the capabilities and organizational characteristics of the client. While we recognize that the diagnostic or problem definition component of our work is important, it is our ability to work effectively with clients in implementing programs and recommendations that produces desired results.

Our experience indicates that projects are successful when consultants work closely with the client's team and assist them in becoming better decision makers. This close working relationship not only tends to prevent a destabilizing impact on the client's organization, but also leads to greater assurance of success, continuity of new programs and attainment of the desired objectives.

In the final analysis it is the views of those outside our firm who have come to know us, whether as clients or in other capacities, that offers a true reflection of our effectiveness. By visiting Testimonials you will find a selection of comments about our firm.


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