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Corporate Planning

We see corporate planning as a process consisting of the following components:

  • Setting strategic objectives that define the desirable corporate aims to be achieved.

  • Selecting the optimal tactical mechanisms through which the strategic objectives are to be met.

  • Developing operational plans that ensure the best use of the organizational resources within the desired time frame.

  • Structuring the management process that provides for the most effective decision making and execution.

  • Developing the communications systems, including the formalized management information that provide necessary support to the management process.

  • Defining the operational tasks and associated staffing requirements.

The nature of the corporate planning process is dynamic, governed by continuing changes in the environment within which the corporate entity operates. An important support to corporate planning therefore is monitoring the corporate environment. Such monitoring facilitates the continuous updating of corporate plans in response to changes in the environment.

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Organization Development

The organizational character of a corporate entity affects its capability to implement corporate plans. This capability is governed by three broad factors: the manner in which organizational functions are structured, the motivational climate within the organization and the quality of the organization's leadership.

Our firm views organization development as a process involving the following series of generalized activities:

  • Determining the corporate style that best reflects the value systems of the social environment within which an organization operates.

  • Structuring the organizational tasks in terms of corporate functions in tune with the corporate style.

  • Developing the managerial process that best suits the corporate style and structure.

  • Developing human resources, both managerial and non-managerial, through education and on-the-job training.

  • Monitoring the relationship between organizational value systems and the social environment.

  • Adjusting the organization development process to adapt to changing value systems and corporate objectives.

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Typical Assignments

In corporate planning and organization development, members of our firm have worked both nationally and internationally for the private and public sectors on the following assignments.

  • Major, multi-year health care planning and management consulting project in the Bahamas, including the institutional strengthening of the Ministry of Health and the planning, design, construction supervision and commissioning of a 550-bed hospital in Nassau and a 100-bed hospital in Freeport. The institutional strengthening assignment included formulating, planning and programming; defining the role of the public and private sectors in health care cost recovery; determining health legislation; suggesting organization and management reforms; developing and implementing cost accounting and management information systems for the Ministry and the hospitals; and designing and implementing materials management and preventive maintenance programs.

  • Development of a strategic planning function; assessment of organization structure, staffing, areas of responsibility and authority, and systems and procedures; and design of a cost-effective organization for two government departments in the Northwest Territories.

  • Development of a modified organizational structure for Hillebrand Estates Winery Limited to support effectively the marketing strengths and growth opportunities.

  • Establishment of a framework for organizing environmental health programming in Alberta, Canada, among government departments and 27 local health units. In addition to extensive interviews in Alberta with provincial departments/agencies, consultations extended across Canada involving federal and provincial departments. The study developed policy direction, coordinating methods and structures for intra- and inter-sectoral cooperation and coordination, and established a basis for bringing a human health perspective to government issues/discussions involving the environment.

  • Policy and corporate strategy assignment to explore potential to augment comprehensive role for Canada in providing overseas assistance in the health and related social services sectors within context of the mandates of Canadian International Development Agency and Health and Welfare Canada. Study involved analysis of organization structure and staff capabilities, type and extent of involvement in health, and the working relationship between the two organizations. Also reviewed role played in health and population by multilateral, non-governmental organizations, and, specifically, the Pan American Health Organization, the World Bank and the International Development Research Centre. The study proposed an effective delivery mechanism and an implementation strategy.

  • Detailed analysis of the mission and corporate objectives, modus operandi, investment portfolio, financial viability and relationship with other regional and national entities of the Caribbean Food Corporation; developed a corporate strategy and 5-year financial plan to support the corporation's mandate for implementing the regional food strategy in the CARICOM Region; and designed a 3-year implementation program.

  • On behalf of Agriculture Canada, performed organization study and proposed a plan of action for a greenhouse energy research and development centre for Ontario.

  • Development and implementation of corporate strategies and organizational structure in the marketing, operational and financial functions of a major firm in the food industry.

  • Reorganization study of the Banana Industry in Dominica, West Indies, including: assessment of the industry and the Association's operations from the standpoint of agronomy, disease control, quality control, transport, storage, field buying, boxing plant operations, purchasing, scheduling and control; identifica-tion of opportunities to improve the operational, financial and administrative effectiveness of the Association; development of a comprehensive two-year implementation program, obtaining CIDA and government of Dominica approval; implementation of the program, including provision of shadow management to the Association. The industry was rescued from insolvency and returned to a viable state of operations and financial strength. A similar project was done in St. Lucia, West Indies.

  • Development of a strategic plan for the devolution of all renewable resource management programs from the federal mandate to the government of the Northwest Territories. The plan identified existing programs and resources, transfer issues and priorities, and recommended detailed strategies in terms of approach, timing and key arguments. RMC also assisted with the implementation of the plan.

  • A major role review of cancer services in Ontario, conducted jointly with Coopers & Lybrand. The study examined the respective mandates of the two clients, the Ontario Cancer Treatment & Research Foundation and the Ontario Cancer Institute; examined and evaluated alternative options for their organizations; recommended changes, including programs, staffing, equipment and space; addressed cost implications; and proposed merging the two organizations into a single provincial agency. The study was accepted by the clients and gave rise to a $200 million funding program by the Ontario government.

  • Corporate planning, organization development and regional health care delivery system studies for governments agencies and health care institutions.

  • Planning process development and design of a detailed procedures manual to handle all capital development projects in Alberta for the Department of Recreation and Parks.

  • Design of long-term development strategies for several community colleges, including organization, facilities, financial planning and human resources.

  • Design of a corporate strategy to enable the Déné Nation to offer effective economic development services to its people. Provided advisory services to the Task Force on Déné Economic Development.

  • Organization and systems study (as part of a comprehensive operational review) of a government agency in the Northwest Territories.

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  • Design of a development strategy and organizational framework to foster growth of the fruit and vegetable industry in Botswana. A similar project was done in New Brunswick, Canada.

  • Review and assessment of the Management By Results program of the Ontario government on behalf of the Management Board Secretariat.

  • Corporate planning and organization development programs for a number of firms in several industries in connection with RMC's work in productivity improvement.

  • Design of strategic plan and an administrative structure for the proposed multilingual centres in Calgary and Edmonton.

  • Horticultural industry assessment in Dominica, leading the Dominica Agricultural Marketing Board to reorganization. Study included detailed review of field operations and support facilities; assessment of production levels; definition of market opportunities; review of corporation's organization structure, its modus operandi, systems and procedures; development of a corporate strategy and multi-year financial plan; and design of the implementation program.

  • Design of a corporate strategy, an organization structure and an implementation program for a contracting firm. Also participated in the implementation program.

  • Provision of advisory services to Priorities North, dealing with organizational matters and the implementation of an economic development function and an office to foster and promote economic growth in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

  • Development of organization structure and operating programs for the National Indian Brotherhood Union of New Brunswick Indians, Grand Council Treaty #9, Northwest Territories Native Women's Association and other native organizations. Provided advice and counsel to all of the above.

  • Effectiveness assessment of the corporate structure and decision-making processes for a major firm in the transportation industry.

  • Identification of management development needs and design of management development program, managerial planning and assessment system for a provincial government agency.

  • For a large company in the beverage industry, conducted a restructuring study of senior management positions in response to anticipated acquisitions.

  • Design of a not-for-profit socio-economic development foundation/corporation for three native organizations, in tune with and supportive of Indian self-government.

  • Management review and operations improvement study for a native operated development corporation.

  • Assessment of the corporate structure and product lines, design of a strategy and plan of operations, market study and development of marketing strategy for an arts and crafts organization in the Northwest Territories.

  • Strategy development and corporate planning for a financial institution in Western Canada.

  • Development of regional land use planning objectives, policies, organizational framework, operational strategies and development of a water resources management policy for the Department of Renewable Resources, government of the Northwest Territories.

  • Operational review and strategic management plan for the Alberta Workers' Compensation Board Rehabilitation Centre. Development of a mandate and objectives in the area of rehabilitation, including a service delivery model and an implementation strategy.

  • Role study of the Saskatchewan Workers' Health, Safety and Compensation in rehabilitation and determined need for a new Workers' Compensation Board Rehabilitation Centre.

  • On behalf of the Northwest Territories Registered Nurses Association, assessment study of the future role of nursing apropos to changes in the Canadian health care system and emerging issues in health care services for women in the Northwest Territories.


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