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Domestic Projects

See RMC's active domestic project list.

International Projects

Suggested Reading


Appearance of these publications and sites does not imply endorsement of them by RMC.  They are provided for your interest and background reading.

Inequalities In Health In Developing Countries – Swimming Against The Tide?  World Bank Group Policy Research Woprking Paper.  Adam Wagstaff, March 2002.

The Economics Of Public And Private Roles in Health Care: Insights From Institutional Economics And Organizational Theory.  World Bank Group Working Paper.  Alexander Preker.  March 2001.

Shape the Future of Health Care.   Commission of the Future of Health Care in Canada.  Roy Romanow.  February 2002.

Building on Values: The Future of Health Care in Canada, Roy Romanow, November 2002

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Innovations in Health Service Delivery, The Corporatization of Public Hospitals, The World Bank, 2003

Domestic Projects

To dispel the notion the RMC is primarily active internationally we felt compelled to share with you our current project list:
  • Palliser Hospital Caring Project Evaluation
  • Syncrude Gait and Balance Project Evaluation
  • Ridge Meadows Hospital Redevelopment Plan
  • Edmonton Courts
  • SAIT Media Program
  • Glen East Feasibility Study
  • Canada Info Way
  • University of Alberta Utilization Study
  • SAIT Development Plan 2003+
  • SAIT Automotive and Manufacture
  • DTHR Outpatient Services Programming
  • Grey Nuns Regional Centre, Phase 1

The following selected examples provide an appreciation of the scope of our work.


Domestic Health Projects

Conducted a Review of the Immunization Programs in Health Authority 5 including: a review of best and current immunization practices including private practitioners, private care facilities and all Health Authority 5 facilities; identified constraints to providing immunization programs to children, adults and health care workers; provided recommendations and strategies to improve immunization coverage; an evaluation framework to track the impact of the recommended strategies on immunization programs in Health Authority 5 (2002). In 2003 undertook a Program Evaluation of two projects: a Playground Inspection Program, and an Early Childhood Family Education and Support Program. (2003)

Conducted the CARING Project Evaluation, including development of the Year 2 Annual Report (2002) and Year 3 Progress Report (2003), for Palliser Health Authority.

Developed the Business Case for the transfer of the Stony Plain Hospital Site from Westview Regional Health Authority to the Good Samaritan Society. (2002)

RMC undertook an Independent Evaluation of the Didsbury Adult Day Support Program to determine whether the program objectives were being met. The evaluation included a review of best practices of adult day support programs by completing a literature review; a review of the Didsbury Adult Day Program; and development of recommendations and strategies for the Program. (2002)

Physical Planning

Conducted a Master Program Overview of the Ridge Meadows Hospital (RMH) located in Maple Ridge, British Columbia to provide the Fraser Health Region with information on the program and space requirements for the facility. RMC took the lead in developing the Master Program and the IBI Group led the Facility Master Plan. (2002)

Provided a Space Programme for the University of Alberta - Faculty of Engineering to identify the anticipated space requirements of the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Chemical and Materials Engineering for their work in nanotechnology research. (2002)

RMC developed a Functional Program to identify the future program and space requirements of the Consolidated Court Facilities in Calgary for the Alberta Justice & Alberta Infrastructure (2002).

Strathcona County, Accommodation Study (2003). RMC in partnership with Cohos Evamy Partners was commissioned by Strathcona County to conduct Phase I of the Accommodation Study that would result in a short and long-term requirements for Public Sector space in keeping with the projected growth of the County and build on the Strathcona County Accommodation Study previously prepared by RMC in 1992.

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) Aero Centre Functional Program for the proposed development of a new SAIT Aero Centre for Training and Technology. The purpose of the functional program was to identify the programmatic and spatial requirements of the Aero Centre for Training and Technology. (2002)

University of Alberta, National Research Council of Canada, National Institute for NanoTechnology (NINT), Detailed Space Programme (2002). RMC identified the programmatic, functional and space requirements for the proposed NINT facility, as a basis for the architectural and engineering design of the building. (2002)

Keyano College, MacKenzie Campus Development Study (2002) to address both short term priorities and longer term requirements. The study assessed existing and potential utilization, examined limitations of existing facilities and infrastructure and opportunities to enhance viability of the campus, identified options for facility use and development and recommended capital developments to accommodate the proposed changes. Other projects for Keyano College included: Sports and Wellness Centre - Programme Concept (2002), and; Technology Centre Functional Programme (2001).

International Projects

Trinidad and Tobago Health Sector Reform Programme

  • As part of the $134 million IDB funded Health Sector Reform Programme, RMC was retained by the MOH of Trinidad & Tobago to assist the Project Administration Unit in the selection of appropriate consultants, the evaluation of their work and the administration of their contracts involving some 100 technical assistance projects encompassing:

    • Reform of the Ministry of Health
    • Devolution of Service Delivery to RHA
    • PHC Development, Promotion & Training
    • Rationalizing of Health Service Delivery
    • Development of a Comprehensive Financing System and, in the process, transfer such knowledge, skills and systems to the MOH and RHAs.

Also acting as advisors to the Minister and senior Ministry officials on policy issues arising from the health care restructuring, as well as to undertake, on a sole-source basis, a number of the consultancies: the most significant over the recent past, include (1999-2005):

  • The development of a National Emergency Medical Services (NEMS) policy and operational framework for Trinidad & Tobago (T&T) including: situation analysis; medical direction; integration into hospital services; scope and funding; human resources/training; quality management; MIS; preventive maintenance; and community/public information. Also prepared a Tender Document to effect outsourcing of day-to-day management NEMS capable to provide advice and guidance to RHAs to operate a NEMS in their respective regions (2001-2002).
  • National Health Insurance. Provided advice to the MoH regarding health financing/cost recovery as a prelude to the introduction of a National Health Insurance scheme. Organized two seminars with internationally recognized experts as speakers, attended by major stakeholders (2002).
  • Pharmaceutical Services. Assessed the strength and weaknesses provided by the private and public sectors throughout T&T and provided advice and assistance in the design of chronic disease drug program for the population 65+ and the disabled including monitoring assistance during programme implementation (Phase I); Developed a National Pharmaceutical services plan including products to be available (public/private); National Drug Formulary (content and administration); procurement, storage and distribution; financial implications, projected budgets and funding options; policy, legislation, human resources, organization systems; implementation time-frame (Phase 2) (2002-2003).
  • Health Needs Assessment (HNA). The overall objective of the project was to facilitate the development of of national HNA capacity in the MoH of T&T and in so doing to enable the RHAs to assess health care needs, prioritize the needs and interventions in the most efficient and effective manner. Also to train and build capacity within the RHAs to be able to carry out HNA in the future and to incorporate HNA as part of their annual regional health care plans (2003-2004).


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