(Selected comments from those who have come to know the firm)


"Since assuming its responsibilities (Apr. 99), the TAP Unit (Read RMC) has become an integral component of the functions and operations of the Project Administration Unit (PAU). Accordingly, it is suggested that the RMC (TAP Unit) contract be continued from April 2002 to August 2003 to parallel the timeline of the current PAU contract with the Ministry. This extension would also provide the Ministry with additional time to establish a local counterpart capacity for the activities of the TAP Unit". (Approved by IADB and MOH)
In a letter to the Hon. Colm Imbert
Minister of Health, Republic of Trinidad & Tobago
by Martin Riley, Project Director, PAU

February 25, 2002

"In my capacity as Director of the Health Sector Reform Unit (HSRU) through which all health sector reform activities in Guyana report, I am pleased to inform you that the RMC team has a positive working relationship with the HSRU, and has been diligent, professional and committed to the HSRU and the Ministry to help us prepare and implement cost effective reforms via the Health Sector Policy and Institutional Development Program."
In a letter to Mr. Manodj Hindori, Project Coordinator
Suriname Ministry of Health
by Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, Director
Guyana Health Sector Reform Unit

May 8, 2000

"From my interaction with the TAP Firm (read RMC) over the past four (4) months and the feedback I have received from key functional managers at MOH and the RHAs it is clear that we have a very competent core group - with the requisite experience and capacity to accelerate the Institutional Strengthening aspects of the Health Sector Reform Program." (A $192 million program, partially funded by IDB, in which RMC is assisting the Project Administration Unit (PAU) to procure and manage some 90 separate technical assistance assignments.)
In a report to the Hon. Dr. Hamza Rafeeq
Minister of Health, Republic of Trinidad & Tobago
by Martin Riley, Project Director PAU

August 31, 1999

"... is my great pleasure to inform you about the progress achieved during this period. ... we have found their activities extremely helpful and valuable for implementation of the project activities. General framework of financial management system designed by Mr. Hitchcock and the knowledge transferred by the PCU financial officer have been proved to be a good base for final design ... The procurement management system, based on the vast experience of Mr. Wyszkowski has been adopted by PCU procurement officer and became a key factor for successful implementation. His contribution was highly valuable in procurement planning, preparing bidding documents, bid evaluation and resolving procedural issues."

George Shakarishvili, M.D.
Director, PCU, World Bank
Georgia Ministry of Health

June 16, 1997

"On behalf of the Ontario Trade Corporation, I want to officially express our sincere thanks and appreciation to RMC for your generous offer of support to our trade mission to Central Europe. ... under very difficult circumstances, the Mission went relatively smoothly in Poland, with some excellent business results. I am eternally grateful to you, to RMC and to Mrs. Figurska for providing the support our Mission needed in Warsaw. We simply couldn't cope in Poland without RMC."

Sandra Bruce
Area Director: Eastern Europe
Ontario International Trade Corporation

June 9, 1997

"The Health Care Reform and Policy Development Project has been remarkably successful in improving the process of health care reform in Lithuania and contributing to the adoption of progressive policies. ... All UNDP progress reports expressed satisfaction with the services provided by Mr. Corder (Principal of RMC and his project staff). ... Mr. Corder's presence as a senior advisor is clearly highly regarded by all parties interviewed including the Minister of Health, the SARB secretariat (i.e., Health Reform Management Group) and other donors. The process that led to a definition of PHC (Primary Health Care) strategy was just as important as the strategy itself. ... approach to consensus building was introduced to Lithuania health care planners, managers and politicians hither to unfamiliar with such participatory techniques. This process appears to have taken a life of its own ... providing a foundation for starting up PHC implementation pilot projects."

Rosamund Lewis, M.D.
International Health Consultant

Project Evaluation Report to
Canadian International Development Agency
Government of Canada

July 15, 1996

"I wish to inform you that RMC is currently helping our Ministry in developing a strategic plan for the introduction of primary health care in Armenia. ... We are satisfied with their work and are pleased to recommend the firm for your project."

To: George Shakarishvili M.D., Project Director
Georgia /World Bank Health Project
From: Avet M. Grigorian, Vice Minister
Armenia Ministry of Health
June 4, 1996

"Health Reform Management Group (HRMG) with technical assistance from Resources Management Consultants (RMC) have been successful in placing primary health care strategy into the mainstream of national health policy making. One of the most important contributions of RMC during the third and fourth quarter of 1995 is technical advice on Primary Health Care Implementation. According to HRMG, technical advise from RMC has been relevant and of high quality ..."

Toshiaki Tanabe, Program Coordinator
UNDP Vilnius, Lithuania

December 31, 1995

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"The consultant firm, RMC, which has been directly involved in project management from the early stages of implementation (1992), continues to play a significant role in the project. With the end of the RMC contract now in sight, the mission believes it essential that the contract be extended for the duration of the project (1997)."

World Bank Supervision Mission
Poland Health Services Development Project

October 1-5, 1995

"I have completed a review of the draft report on the Primary Health Care Reform Implementation Strategy for Lithuania, authored by the RMC Project Team Director David Corder. The paper clearly demonstrates an understanding of the current situation in Lithuania and the analysis logically leads to the comprehensive recommendations for primary care reform contained in the paper. ... We in Lithuania are encouraged by the participative approach taken by your consulting team which has resulted in broad input from all of the affected Lithuanian stakeholders. My Ministry will continue to participate, with your team, to finalize this implementation strategy. It is important to note that the Ministry of Health anticipates that the RMC Team will have a continued presence in Lithuania in 1996-1997 to provide advice and assistance with the implementation of this reform strategy."

A. Vinkus, M.D.
Lithuania Minister of Health

September 21, 1995

"We would like to retain the services of RMC Resources Management Consultants Ltd. to assist the Ministry in the area of health sector reform with focus emphasis on the implementation of the already drafted primary health care policy and drafting supporting legislation. The implementation phase should be time phased with multi-year budget."

Peteris Apinis
Latvia Minister of Health

May 31, 1995

"It is my pleasure to introduce you (to) the large health care reform project in Estonia initiated by the Government of the Estonian Republic ... We are aware of your organization's wide experience in international cooperation projects. Therefore we would like to inquire about the possibility of inviting your organization and your country to join the Estonia health reform project ..."

Marju Lauristin
Estonia Minister of Social Affairs

April 26, 1994

"Considering RMC Ltd.'s competence in health care ... it is my pleasure to invite RMC Ltd. to provide technical assistance for the World Bank/Estonia Health Project ..."

Ahti Kallikorm, Director
World Bank/Estonia Health Project

October 10, 1994

"I would like to thank you and your colleagues for preparation of the "Report on a Management Plan for the Slovenian Health Care System" which is a very accurate description of the health care situation in our country. I found hardly a sentence with which I disagree. So I am mostly in agreement with your findings and proposals. The report can be considered a good basis for further activities in our country ..."

Dr. Bozidar Voljc
Slovenian Minister of Health

June 6, 1994

"I would like to thank you for your valuable contributions to the First Health Project on behalf of the Project Coordination Unit. Your kind services are appreciated and the report produced would be utilized for the betterment of the project studies."

Dr. Niyazi Cakmak, Project Coordinator
Ministry of Health, Republic of Turkey

January 12, 1994

"RMC has demonstrated to us its understanding of the health issues we must address, the strategies we must employ and the social, cultural and economic features of our country."

Dr. J. G. S. Makumbi
Uganda Minister of Health

(in a letter to the Hon. Marcel Masse, President of CIDA)
October 14, 1992

"Based on the quality and intensity of work the RMC consultants have demonstrated with our circumstances in Poland ..."

Piotr Mierzewski, First Deputy Minister
Polish Ministry of Health

January 8, 1992

"RMC was contracted from among fifty (50) international firms from North and South America, Europe and the Caribbean. They have adopted a comprehensive approach to the development of the Project ... We are most satisfied in the manner in which the work is being conducted and we have every indication to believe that all efforts will result in successful project implementation."

Veta Brown, Under Secretary/Project Director
Bahamas Ministry of Health

January 27, 1989

"From my observations, RMC's work is characterized by;

  1. a participatory approach ...
  2. a keen interest in the formal preparation and upgrading of human resources ...
  3. a concerted effort to place their activities within the context of the social, economic and political milieu of the client Country without compromising technical excellence."

Sam R. Aymer
PAHO/WHO Representative in the Bahamas

January 27, 1989

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Recognition and Support from Canadian Governments and Media for RMC's International Work

"We have been advised that RMC has been invited to submit a proposal to provide technical assistance for Provincial health Project, Research Unit in support of Indonesia's efforts to decentralize operational responsibilities from the central Ministry of health to the provincial Ministries of health.

We are pleased to confirm that RMC has been extensively involved in the planning and evaluation of programs delivered by the Regional health Authorities (RHAs) in the province of Alberta, since the RHAs were created in 1994.

RMC has a solid track record in this area and has earned a reputation for producing work of high quality with a well trained professional staff. They have also earned high marks for their ability to get along well with the client. We have no hesitation in recommending RMC for your project."

In a letter to Dr. Iman Hidajat, Chairman of Selection of Consultant Committee
Provincial Health Project II
Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia
by George Flynn, Senior Planning Advisor

Alberta Health & Wellness
February 24, 2003

"In providing assistance in health services restructuring to several European governments undergoing transition, notably Poland, Lithuania, and Estonia. RMC is a firm with an energetic and well-structured management."

Letter to the Slovenian Minister of Health from theCanadian Ambassador, Rodney Irwin,
Budapest, Hungary

February 29, 1996

"RMC, as a Canadian health planning firm, is well regarded by our Ministry. It has an extensive national and international practice in health care planning and institutional restructuring. The Ministry of Health has assisted RMC in the past by making its senior staff available for both short and long term assignments in a number of countries including Bahamas, Estonia, and Poland."

Letter to Hungarian Ministry of Welfare from Margaret Mottershead
Deputy Minister, Ontario Ministry of Health

March 4, 1996

"DFAIT (Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade) confirmed that RMC is unique in both its vast experience and its solid international reputation. The Ontario International Corporation argues that if Canada wants to secure a foothold in the health sector in Central and Eastern Europe RMC is the logical firm to support as (it is) the most experienced international health consulting firm in the country."

Canadian International Development Agency Government of Canada,
January 10, 1996

"Your firm's experience on project management and health insurance should prove to be substantial contributions to Estonian efforts to overhaul their health care system. I wish you every success in your endeavours.

Andre J.Ouellet
Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Trade Government of Canada

March 27, 1995

"This firm has had considerable international health consulting experience and my government has received a number of favourable comments about its work both from client countries and from the international banks ... If you select RMC, I can assure you that the Kingdom of Swaziland will benefit from the best possible Canadian expertise in advising you on practical and economically feasible improvements in your health care system."

Ms. Diane Marleau
Minister of Health Government of Canada

March 1, 1995

"The firm (RMC) has developed an impressive track record within the international marketplace, and I wish you well in the future. Please rest assured that my Department will continue to support Canadian suppliers of health good and services in their international marketing efforts."

Ms. Diane Marleau,
Minister of Health Government of Canada

December 19, 1994

"RMC Resources Management Consultants is a dynamic Canadian consulting firm ... Through expertise and quality work, RMC has succeeded internationally in competition with other firms."

Michael B. Decter,
Former Deputy Minister Ontario Ministry of Health

Quotation from Healing Medicare, ManagingHealth System Change the Canadian Way (Page 221)
December 1994

"I understand that you are one of OIC's most successful clients, particularly in the area of exporting health care expertise."

Hon. Richard Allen
Minister of Economic Development & Trade, Government of Ontario

May 16, 1994

"RMC ... is well known to our Ministry. It has extensive national and international practice ... The Ministry of Health has assisted RMC by making its senior staff members available for short-term assignments ... If you decide to retain the services of RMC, I am sure that you will be more than satisfied with the quality of their work."

Hon. Ruth Grier,
Minister of Health Government of Ontario

November 26, 1993


"The Needs Assessment Study was guided by the consulting firm Resources Management Consultants of Edmonton. This report will form the basis for the Board and the Community Health Councils to develop strategies to address needs across the Region. The report was generated with maximum of community input and involvement; the public can be assured of the report's high level of credibility. .... thanked the Steering Committee for their dedication and hard work .... .
Peter Woloshyn, Chair, Western Regional Health Authority
May 9, 1997

"On behalf of East Central Regional Health Authority 7, I would like to thank you for your invaluable role in the development and implementation of the Community Health Councils for our region. Developing the Terms of Reference, assisting the Board in refining the selection process and implementing the orientation session were considerable challenges that you met with professionalism and enthusiasm."
Dennis Magnusson, Chief Executive Officer
East Central Regional Health Authority 7

Camrose, Alberta
June 12, 1996

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you ... for your contributions to the Health Services Export Advisory Committee ... Please continue to work with us to generate increased wealth and employment for the province."
Michael B. Decter, Ontario Deputy Minister of Health

"On behalf of Alberta Health, I wish to express to you our thanks for your invaluable work on the Environmental Health Strategic Planning Project ..."

Dr. K. W. Hodgins
Assistant Deputy Minister Public Health Division

April 3, 1991

"I must say that you and your firm demonstrated good leadership in addressing our planning needs and because of the ability of all of its members I would not hesitate in recommending RMC to other hospitals contemplating planning and construction."

N. Hanoski
Assistant Executive Director
St. Mary's Hospital, Camrose, Alberta

May 6, 1987

"I was very impressed with the company's personnel who worked on the project. They not only understood the problem under study but were very diligent in the pursuit of the solutions."

Grant W. Reader
Senior Procurement Officer,
Supply and Services Canada
June 20, 1985

"I wish to express our appreciation for a job well done ... The degree of professionalism and thoroughness which you applied to the project resulted in a finished product which not only met but surpassed our expectations ..."

Peter E. Grady
Chairman of the Board and CEO Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board

January 23, 1985


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